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Prep Time: 10-15 Minutes

Cook time: the same, you prepare the other ingredients while the bacon substitute is cooking

Serves: 1


This is a good way to enjoy meat substitute with other ingredients. It’s a warm sandwich which is better for cooler weather but even in summer people sometimes like something warm. The flavour is a bit like the way I remember bacon from when I was a meat eater. More important! You can eat this without feeling guilty over the miserable lives that factory farmed pigs lead or trying not to think about factory farming.


  • 2 slices wholemeal bread (White bread probably also works, I haven’t tried it. An open sandwich with just one slice of bread probably also works.)
  • 4 rashers bacon substitute. (I used vegetarian smoky bacon rashers Cite error: Closing </ref> missing for <ref> tag

</ref> which aren’t vegan but other bacon substitutes probably also work. Specialist shops sell vegan bacon substitute)

  1. About a tablespoon rape seed oil for frying
  • About as third of a cucumber sliced. (Sliced Tomatoes probably also work, other salad veg like lettuce or even grated raw carrot probably also works. I’m confident about tomato working.)
  • Camembert cheese (Other cheeses like grated cheddar probably also work and grated cheese is easier to spread.)


  1. Heat a frying pan (skillet) to medium heat. Add oil to pan.
  2. Put the bacon substitute rashers into the pan. If it’s frozen and the pack sticks together separate the slices once they are warmed. Bacon substitute cooks fast so check frequently till it’s as crisp as you like.
  3. Meanwhile cut up the cucumber or prepare other salad veg.
  4. Spread camembert cheese onto one slice of bread, this is probably best done before putting cucumber on.
  5. Put cooked bacon and salad substitute onto bread.
  6. Put second slice of bread onto sandwich if using.
  7. Serve.


I tried this twice with different frozen bacon substitutes. Both times I couldn't separate the slices of substitute till it was thawed. This shouldn't be a problem for someone cooking for a family. For a single person cooking for one having to use a whole packet or half as packet in one go is a serious drawback.

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