• Scarecroe

    Veggie Restaurants

    April 19, 2011 by Scarecroe

    Finding places to dine when you're a vegetarian isn't always easy. If you're lucky enough to live in a big city, the options for you are many. But for those who don't call the likes of New York City or San Francisco their home, veggie restaurants can be few and far between.

    So we'd like to know -- what are your favorite vegetarian eateries? Do you live in a big city? Do you have to travel far to find a restaurant that offers vegetarian menu items? Kick back in the comments below!

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  • DaedalusHowell

    Vegan Pizza Day

    January 26, 2011 by DaedalusHowell

    Many foods are backed by special interests whether they be trade-driven, politically-motivated or simply a means of popularizing the grub du jour for the latest fad diet. Consider vegan pizza, which is being honored with its own, “official” Vegan Pizza Day, this Saturday, January 29. The mandate of its organizers? To drive awareness of vegan pizza, naturally. And sell a few slices too.

    Though the special day boasts a couple of sponsors (including Teese, a vegan cheese alternative and, a vegan blogger with a Paul McCartney fetish) the real bucks behind Vegan Pizza Day seem to come from Zpizza, the brainchild of Sid Fanarof, an entrepreneur hailing from the Orange County enclave of Laguna Beach.

    Zpizza has over 90 locations, and…

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  • BumblebeeTM

    Any good ones?

    I love lentils, with couscous or brown rice.

    What spices do you guys use for black beans and rice?

    What other variations do you like?

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  • Risek

    A Hart On Fire-Intro

    May 27, 2010 by Risek

    A short while ago, a good friend of mine told me-after recounting one of my alarming experiences in the kitchen-that I should write about my work and lifestyle since coming into the professional culinary world; my employment as executive sous chef at Savannah's, the opening of the now decrepit 23 Lounge, and my current work as the sous chef of Blarney Station, a small "Irish-fusion" pub in Warwick. I agreed, considering that my memory will only serve me so long, and someone out there could use this to further their own experience, and not to mention, it just feels good getting this out of my head and onto the proverbial paper.

    So, with the discovery of this Wiki (through the most unlikely of sources), I've decided to post some of what has h…

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