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A Stew is typically a main dish that's slow cooked with some water. Typically a stew contains less water than a soup. Ingredients in a stew may be fried first with water added later, that's called braising. [1] There are vegetarian stews, fruit can also be stewed as a dessert. A heavy based saucepan is recommended for braising and for stewing if not much liquid is added to a stew. Stews may be cooked on top of a cooker or in an oven.

  1. Select ingredients so flavours will blend together to make a tasty stew. Doing an online search for recipes with ingredients you have to hand often gives good ideas about combinations that work.
  2. The ingredients should be cut to similar sizes so everything is finished at the same time. Alternatively Items that take longer to cook can be added to the stew earlier.
  3. Adding a liquid with a good flavour improves a stew. Wine is sometimes used but stock including stock made with stock cubes or stock powder also can work. Cheese can improve a vegetarian soup of stew.
  4. After adding liquid the stew should be stirred. The stew should be covered at first though some stews are uncovered later.
  5. Slow cooking improves a stew and tenderises tough vegetables. Stews typically are best left to simmer for a long time and shouldn't be boiled vigorously. [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7]

As with soups all the nutrients are eaten, nothing is thrown away with the cooking water. In a stew as with a soup flavours blend.


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