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A great many recipes pair spinach with chickpeas. [1]


For this one I used

  1. Just over a tablespoon olive oil (Rape seed oil probably also works.)
  2. A fresh potato cut up
  3. Frozen chickpeas with a little cooking water (The chickpeas I used had been cooked with a little grapefruit rind and I think that improved the flavour. You can be creative and add your own flavours to a great many recipes.)
  4. Frozen spinach
  5. A frozen purple onion (Other onions would also work but the purple onion complemented the flavour of the stilton well. Fresh onions also work, you can cut them coarsly and fry them with the potato or cut them finely and add them after other intredients.)
  6. Frozen stilton cheese (They were selling it off cheap as it was near its use by date so I froze most of it. Other cheeses also work but that stilton gave a lovely flavour. It's probably OK without the cheese or with vegan Cheese alternatives.)
  7. 2 small fresh tomatoes


  1. I heated the olive oil. Since I wrote this research was published warning out to overheat olive oil. I strongly recomment care. [2] You may want to substitute rape seed oil as that seems not to lose its healthy properties so much when heated.
  1. I put the cut potato into the hot olive oil.
  2. I added the frozen ingredients in the order given stirring from time to time.
  3. I cut up and added the tomatoes.
  4. I let it cook stirring from time to time.
  5. You can add a little water if needed you may not need any as spinach contains a lot of water.
  6. Voilà!

Many online recipes use chickpeas with fresh spinach and put the fresh spinach in near the end. [3] Frozen spinach should go in near the start so it has time to thaw.


I really enjoyed it. I've made similar dishes paring spinach with chickpeas before, they always come out a way I like. One of many alternatives is to boil chickpeas with rice, use that and leave out the potato.

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  1. chickpea spinach vegetarian Google search
  2. Which oils are best to cook with? I'm not sure if rape seed oil and ground nut oil actually are better. It may be that by chance those two oils were given to families that are careful about not overheating cooking oil. If you cook with rape seed oil or ground nut oil and take care not to overheat it you should be OK.
  3. Chickpea, Spinach and Mushroom Sauté This one works if you put frozen spinach and frozen mushrooms in near the start, I leave out the pine nuts, if you can afford them they may be worth adding.