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Chickpeas are healthy for anyone as they provide protein and fibre without saturated fat. Chickpeas are pulses as are peas, beans lentils. Vegetarians and vegans need vegetable protein. Protein from wheat, rye, barley and rice complements the protein in chickpeas and other pulses so it's a good idea to eat bread of other foods with those cereals together with chickpeas or on the same day as chickpeas.

Chickpeas can be bought canned which is conveninet to use. Chickpeas can also be bought dry, soaked and cooked at home. You can cook up a large batch and freeze the surplus, you can be adventurous adding spices or whatever is to hand. You or someone else ate a grapefruit, try adding some grapefruit rind to the cooking chickpeas for a unique flavour, scrape off the pith as that gives a bitter taste. [1] Take the rind out after the chickpeas are cooked. You can add your favourite spices regularly or do something a little bit different every time you cook chickpeas.

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