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Dumplings are made with regular wheat flour, spelt or with mixtures of different flours. Dumplings can also be made with other types of flour like Chickpea flour (gram flour). All that I have found except those with chickpeas include baking powder to make the dumpling light.

The simplest dumplings are just flour, water and baking powder, one cup flour to half a cup water and a teaspoon to a desertspoon of baking powder. If you want simple dumplings like that to taste good the soup you put them in had better be really good. If you're inexperienced making dumplings you may like to cook the dumplings separately and put them into the soup after they're cooked. That way if the dumplings don't work out the soup isn't spoilt and you can eat it with bread instead.

Richer healthy dumplings can include vegetable oil, dairy milk, or milk alternatives like soy milk or almond milk. Dumplings can include other ingredients like grated vegetables.

Indian style dumpling recipes I found include dairy yoghurt or the vegan alternative, yoghurt based on soy milk. Vegans may like to experiment replacing youburt with soy yoghurt in many recipes. Soy yoghurt doesn't complement the protein in soy milk very well as chickpeas and soya beans are both legumes. Experienced cooks preparing a recipe with chickpea flour and soy youghurt you may feel like adding mushrooms for a different protein. If you don't feel mushrooms would work with the recipe you are doing try eating bread or rice on the same day as you do chiclpea and soy yoghurt. If you prefer to avoid grains Quinoa Risotto with Mushrooms or other quinoa based dishes work. You can buy almond milk in many supermarketrs or you can try Almond Milk by Elle Bee or other milk substitutes as well as soy milk.

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