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Prep Time: Less Than 10 Minutes

Serves: 1 Contents can be easily increased to serve more people.


This is simple and well known, it's probably the main way peanut butter is eaten. Still it's a healthy snack providing balanced protein. Basic recipes like this may be useful for young people living away from home and cooking for themsleves for the first time. Also the suggested toppings can be helpful for experienced cooks looking for a new way to do peanut butter sandwich.


  • 1 slice bread (It tastes good with wholemeal bread.)
  • As much or as little peanut butter as you like (When buying peanut butter it's best to choose a brand with little or no salt or sugar.)
  • Other toppings (Optional)

Directions for a basic peanut butter sandwich[]

  1. Put bread on plate.
  2. Spread a layer of peanut butter on bread. There is plenty of oil in peanut butter so you don't need any other fat.
  3. Eat

Directions for a more exciting peanut butter sandwich[]

  1. Add other toppings, suggested toppings include:
    1. Fresh fruit and vegetables. Note:Fresh fruit and veg starts to deteriorate and lose vitamin content when they're cut up so these are best eaten at once. For peanut butter sandwiches to be eaten later other toppings are better. You can also make a basic peanut butter sandwich and eat it later with an apple, orange banana or other fruit that you don't cut up till you eat it.
      1. Sliced avocado
      2. Sliced banana This one tastes good, I tried it.
      3. Cut up celery and rasins (celery on its own also works.)
      4. Sliced cucumber
      5. Sliced cucumber and grated cheese This tastes reasonable, I tried it.
      6. Sliced tomato This one tastes good, I tried it.
    2. Apple Sauce [1]
    3. berries
    4. Grated cheese (Different types of cheese work.)
    5. A dollup of yogurt (for messy eaters)
    6. honey
    7. Jam (Standard jelly contains meat products but vegetarian jelly may work for vegetarians, I haven't tried it.)
    8. Seeds Different types are worth trying. [2]
    9. Creative cooks may think up their own additions.

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