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Porridge is usually made by boiling rolled oats with water or milk. You need to stir porridge regularly till it's stopped thickening to avoid lumps forming. You also need to take care the porridge doesn't boil over, using a large saucepan and staying in the kitchen while it's cooking reduces this risk. If you get lumps blending the porridge will get rid of them but alter the texture of the porridge. Healthy ingredients like fruit can be added to porridge. Porridge is a good source of protein from the oats and the milk. For an unusual and interesting flavour try making porridge with water and adding a dollup of yogurt. [1]

Most people prefer porridge sweet though it can be eaten unsweetened. If you like porridge sweet it's healthier to use sweetners instead of sugar or syrup. Eating porridge and/or other wholegrain foods can improve health and increase life expectancy. [2]

Porridge is also made with oatmeal if you can find a shop that sells it. Oatmeal gives a different texture that you may prefer but needs many hours soaking before you make the porridge. Unconventionally porridge can be made mixing rolled oats with wheat flour, you can taste both oats and wheat from that.

Treaitionally porridge is made for breakfast but there's no reason to avoid it at other times.

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  1. i tried this with porridge made from a mixture of rolled oats and wholemeal wheat flour sweetened with sweetner. it should work with porridge made from oats only as well,
  2. Porridge could be key to a long and healthy life, says Harvard University

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