Soya beans are high in good quality protein and also contain useful amounts of iron, calcium and other minerals. [1]

Soyan beans can be bought dry in some health shops but are far more popular in processed form like soy flour, soy milk, Soy Sauce, tofu. Soya products are in some but not all meat substitutes.

Soya products are an important part of the traditional Japanese diet and the present day Japanese diet. Japan has the longest life expectancy in the world, the old people there have been eating soya all their lives. This shows the value and safety of traditional soya products. [2]

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  • Quinoa This also contains good quality protein without gluten. Quinoa has been eaten traditionally for centuries in Latin America so we know it's safe.

References and footnotesEdit

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  2. What about soya products made to look and taste like meat? Those haven't been round as long as traditional soy products. It may be another generation before we know their long term effects and manufacturers don't always tell us what additives are in their products. It's probably better to eat meat substitutes two or three times a week at most.