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Spelt is an ancient type of wheat. Spelt flour is used for specialty baking and in other ways like thickening soups and sauces. Spelt is less commonly used in modern cooking than other wheat varieties but is becoming popular marketed as a health food. Spelt has a lower gluten content than regular wheat still

  • People with celiac disease should avoid spelt [1]
  • People who can't eat regular wheat due to mild gluten allergy can sometimes eat spelt. Still anyone who can't eat regular wheat due to a medical condition should consult a doctors before eating spelt.

Nutritionally wholemeal spelt is similar to regular wholemeal wheat [2] with higher protein content. [3] [4] When making bread dough consisting of spelt alone sometimes doesn't rise easily due to low gluten content. Mixing equal parts wholemeal or white flour with spelt improves breadmaking. [5] Is it worth paying extra for spelt? Probably if you or your family like the different and interesting taste. Also wheat protein complements the protein of pulses which is important for vegetarians, especially vegans.


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