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  1. About a cup of cold split peas ( you can make this if you cooked up a batch of split peas the day before)
  2. About a cup of yoghurt
  3. About an equal amount of cucumber

The exact ratios aren't critical


  1. Cut the cucumber into fairly small pieces.
  2. If there isn't too much salt already in your diet you can add a little with peper and/or other spices you like.
  3. Mix everything together.
  4. Enjoy


The cucumber can be replaced with celery, oranges or other items probably, I haven't tried it.

When I started eating it I found it was too liquid, I'd added too much yoghurt. I decided to make it less liquid and add more carbohydrate with some cornflakes I had by me. I really liked it that way, at first the cornflakes were pleasantly crunchy, later the cornflakes were more the way they are towartds the end of a bowl of cornflakes. It was all good to eat. Sometimes food can be good in untraditional ways.

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