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Unsaturated fat is a good guy, well he's a fairly good guy. Unsaturated fat is healthy provided we don't eat too much. The healthiest way to fry food is to put a small measured amount of oil into a pan and shallow fry.

Which is the healthiest oil? Food scientists can't agree about that though many plant oils with high unsaturated fat content are healthy. The chances are there isn't just one healthiest oil but many oils are good in different ways. Rape seed oil and olive oil are two examples of healthy oils.

It's not a good idea to make yourself use a type of oil you dislike or that doesn't fit your culture just because you read somewhere that particular oil is healthy. The best is to use one or more oils among the healthier types that you and your family personally like and can afford. In northern Europe rape seed oil is cheaper than olive oil but I have no idea what prices are like round the Mediterranean or in places like California and Florida where the climate is warm enough to grow olives. Having more than one healthy oil in your kitchen is good because food scientists can agree that a varied diet is good for humans. A Girl Called Jack likes rape seed oil as she finds it easy for cooking. I like rape seed oil for some recipes because it doesn't mask the taste of the other ingredients I use. People with cultural links to the Mediterranean or to Arabia/Israel/North Africa will almost certainly want at least some olive oil in their cooking.

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